About Us

The roots of Tisa Renovations really began back in 2001 when Jeff Zsolt began working as a maintenance and handy man in a big rental building in downtown Toronto. Owing to the quality of his work and his willingness to dive in and learn any new task, Jeff soon found himself doing all the renovations for the building, both inside and out. It was time to create a team. So Jeff sought out and hired the best people he knew in the business and became Tisa Renovations, a fully licensed and insured company. Work proliferated and the team grew. Tisa was now also renovating and building residential homes as well as providing fast responses to emergency calls throughout the GTA and beyond — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company blossomed into 23 of the hardest working, best looking folks in the business, equipped with four fully outfitted maintenance vehicles. Jeff takes a very special pride in each member of the team and the company’s awesome blend of professionalism, hard work and sense of fun has kept everybody with him for a very long time. Here’s a quick look at each and every one of them:


The Master. A Great Boss. The Owner of the Company. Jeff is all of those things, but he’s also the hardest working person in the solar system. His knowledge and creativity with regard to every facet of renovations is stunning. Ask him a question and he’ll answer with a complete explanation of every option his resourceful mind can conjure up. And everything he dreams up he can do himself, very quickly and with the utmost quality. He is the lightning of the company and the best plumber water has ever seen.


If Jeff is the lightning, Lorena is the ‘Thunder-Zsolt’ of the company. When it comes to mustering the team, nobody’s better at getting everyone where they’re supposed to be and doing what there supposed to be doing than Lorena. She is tireless in her pursuit of organizing our work and keeping the connection between client, plan and job well oiled. As the Right Admiral of renovation, Lorena goes out of her way to discover her client’s ideas and organize them into a beautiful reality.


Casaba is the team’s master carpenter. Perhaps inspired by the sleek lines of his cabinets, he often breaks out into uncontrolled song. Who doesn’t love a singing carpenter? Our team sure gets a kick out of him!


Janus is the kitchen team leader. He’s the expert behind all of our cabinet and drawer installations, making sure every hinge opens perfectly, every drawer is smooth and every counter-top perfectly level.


Jun and Janus go together like pots and pans: there always working side by side, cooking up your beautiful new kitchen.


Chase is part of the kitchen team, too. He walks fast, talks even faster and creates beautiful kitchens at a rate that his mouth and feet can barely keep up with.


Daniel quietly makes gorgeous kitchen drawers, inspired by the rockin’ tunes that are always streaming through his headphones.


Our bathtub, shower and tiling expert. A stickler for perfection and never afraid to tell you all about it, Alejandro is also a very funny fellow. He’s a great painter too–portraits, still-lifes, landscapes–but mostly just walls and ceilings.


Mark is a great worker who has installed miles of tiles working alongside his best friend Alejandro.


David is the kind of guy you might find inside your closet or hanging around outside your windows. But don’t worry he’s just installing them–closet doors, balcony doors and all kinds of windows. He’s the only person on the team who’s constantly watching what he’s eating–it’s just that sometimes his eyes aren’t quite fast enough. Still, he’s probably the most healthy guy we know.


Meynard installs baseboard, trim, doors and even an occasional balcony net. He drags his feet–literally–and blows through a few pairs of shoes each month. But at least you can always hear him coming.


Nestor is the listener of the team. Quiet, respectful and walking proof that you can learn a lot just by listening, Nestor will surprise you with what he knows, but you have to ask him directly.


Wardak is another artist on the team who likes to play with mud and paint. But there’s no funny business with his perfectly stuccoed walls and ceilings. He likes walk around in the morning light to inspect his masterpieces.


Lyan is the jack of all trades and master of most of them. He’s quiet, smart, very handy and–according to Lorena–quite cute as well.


Mike is Lyan’s right hand–and sometimes even his left. He’s pretty ambidextrous that way. A great guy who always has a smile on his face.


Maribel is the only assassin on the team. Much more than a mere squasher of bugs, Maribel sends all manner of critters packing by using her expertise as a pest control technician.


Zoltan does maintenance in both unoccupied and occupied units. In those that are occupied, he is known as everyone’s sweetheart handyman.


Feranando is a maintenance handyman. How many handymen does it take to change a bathtub? One, if the handyman is Fernando.


And Raj makes three maintenance handymen. Raj always seems to be smiling and his accounting advice will save you money on your income taxes.


Jozsi S. can build you anything made out of trees. Our specialist in wood carves out perfection in cabinets, bed frames and kitchen goodies of all kinds. Definitely the beaver of the team–just without the teeth, tail and fur.


Every construction team always has at least one stoner. Zoli is ours. Whether it’s brick, concrete, or interlock, he can arrange them into the form of a house, a foundation or a patio in the way only an expert mason can. Zoli knows lot of thing about lots of things and he always has a story to tell.


The second Jozsi in our team, this one is always on top of everybody. Mostly because he’s our roofing specialist. Eaves to asphalt, Jozsi puts the roof over your head.


We’re getting to know Peter, the latest member of our team, better everyday. He installs drywall, tapes drywall and paints drywall. If you could eat drywall…


Istvan is our master plumber. He gets and keeps your plumbing working.